April 18, 2014


A little backstory here:  Just in case you may not have figured this out, I was adamantly opposed to my son driving his motorcycle from TX to UT when he came here in October.  Let me refresh your memory on how that trip went.  I was glad he had made it alive.  So, when he announced after getting the St. Louis job that he'd be driving his motorcycle out there, you can imagine my reaction.  And not just mine, but Mart's, and Nana and Papa's (seriously.  Nana and Papa's), and Aunt Mindy's, and Uncle Dave's, and everyone else who has a mouth that spoke to him before he left.  But did he listen?  :)  Well, let's just put it this way.  Josh is one who has to learn from his own errors.  And it takes more than once.

So, in all the neglect of my blog of late, I may have forgotten to mention that the J man made it to St. Louis, safe and sound.  This does not mean he made it without incident however.  In fact, he left just as a storm was rolling in behind him, and sadly for him, it caught up to him just as he entered the mountain of Utah.  But hey!  This time, Josh had assured me, he was PREPARED!  He had LEARNED HIS LESSON when he drove from TX to UT and had gone through 8 hours of driving rain.  This time, he had three layers of clothes on, a protective rain suit, gloves, scarf, hats, and glove liners.  He had wrapped another change of clothes in plastic and it was awaiting him in his backpack.  The kid was READY! 

Or so he thought.

Until he realized he was soaking wet - head to toe, and his backpack was leaking.  This happened just as he got to the highest elevation and a couple hours after the storm had changed from rain to snow.  He was trying to make it to Denver that night but when he ran into inches of 'slush' on the road, and trucks were kicking it up on him, and he could no longer keep his bike upright or feel his feet, he decided to call it a day and got himself a hotel near Aspen.


The snow was predicted to continue falling in the mountains of CO for three days.  It was supposed to drop nearly 2-3 feet of snow up there before it was said and done, so he had to start out the next day in snow.  Thank goodness he'd packed that extra change of dry clothing.  Too bad the plastic had not held up and those clothes were soaking wet too. So soaking wet Josh climbed on his freezing cold motorcycle in the driving snow, and headed out to those CO mountains.  He only had about 2 hours to drive to get to Denver - and out of the weather - but within 20 miles, he'd basically wrecked (tipped the bike).  It wasn't a terrible accident because he was only traveling 20 mph, but it still caused some problems, and in the end, he had to get towed out of the mountains to the tune of $250. 

Once he got to Denver, where family awaited him, he was able to dry his clothes, warm up, shower, make 'some adjustments' to his bike and get it running again, get some sleep and he was off to Kansas the next day.

In spite of the cold temps and wind, he didn't run into rain, so that was probably his best day, albeit long because he couldn't find a hotel anywhere in the town where he'd planned to stop, so he had to cross that very long state in just one day.  Thankfully there was another friendly waiting him in Kansas City that fed him, warmed him, and helped him out the door on his final drive day.

We expected that day to go by quick since it was only a 4 hour drive.  8 hours later, we finally heard from him that he was still an hour from where he needed to go but had gotten off the freeway and was taking back roads since his bike was 'leaking somewhere' and had 'clogged up some system' and he was now not able to go above 30 mph, and I guess he was sick of getting honked at on the freeway.

(PS - this is now what a mother likes to hear, btw)

Seven miles from his new home, J's bike gave up the ghost and died on the side of the road.  RIP Stupid Motorcyle.  Josh called a cab for the last 7 miles.

I have to admit once I heard he was FINALLY there and safe, I had to laugh out loud at the fact that he made it that far, only to have it die close enough that Josh could've jogged the rest of the way.  Poor kid - in spite of the irony in the situation - I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.  Having said that - THANK GOODNESS he has finally decided to sell that thing and buy himself a car.  If this is what it takes for him to do that, I guess I'm glad it happened.

April 17, 2014


In spite of the fact that the sunshine is forcibly pushing it's way through the grey winter coldness that has been most of April, and there are signs all around us of a spring just waiting to burst onto the scene, I feel depressed.  I found out last week (at the big cookie extravaganza for the gang) that my one and only friend in the neighborhood (like...real friend - I mean, I have other friends, but more...acquaintances, you know?) is moving away.

Listen.  I live in a 'small' house.  (everything is comparable, you know?) - but for the people in UT - families who have lots of kids, a 2600 sq ft home (ours) is a 'newlywed' home.  You know- people who don't have kids in school yet.  And that's not really our situation - so it's been harder to make friends here than I thought it would be.  Most people I meet see me as 'the old lady with the teenage kids' (wow - am I really that person?) and just write me off immediately.  It doesn't help that we don't attend the LDS church, so we're not part of that social PARTAY either.  Plus, I don't love the whole 'girls night out to chit chat about the latest home decorations we purchased' thing.  Thankfully, Colby saw through all that when our little kiddies started playing outside together, actually took the time to get to know me, and didn't let our age difference affect things, and you know what?  We've become really good friends over the last 6 years. 

So when she told me that she's listing her house this week, I felt pretty dang sad.  What am I saying?  I feel pretty dang sad.  This neighborhood won't be the same without her five cute little kids running around doing their thing.  I sorta feel like my nieces and nephews are moving away.

Also, watching my 'young' friends moving on with their lives (whether it's going back to school to finish a degree, or getting a better job, or finding a new house - whatever the case may be) just brings me back to the realization that I'm still here.  I'm still stuck - doing what I was doing when we moved into this place.  The only thing that's really changed is that my kids are grown up now.  I'm still teaching piano.  Mart is still working at a computer place doing something I really don't get.  We're still making the same money we were 8 years ago.  We're no better off than we were - life hasn't moved, life hasn't changed.  We don't live in TX again like I thought we would by now.  We haven't won the lottery like I hoped.  We don't have huge savings accounts, and investment properties and stocks and bonds in our name.  How has this happened?  Life has moved on and we're stuck.

It's a depressing thought.  I'm 42.  I shouldn't be in the same place I was in at 34.  Right?  I should be better off somehow.  What happened to the last 8 years of time?  Did you know that every year, I convince myself not to go refinance my home (even though I keep hearing that the rates are SOOO LOW!) because I'm certain this will be the year we will move away.  Then, I find myself again - the next year, thinking the same thing.  Did you know that I keep going through my house, purging the stuff we don't need - selling it off on the classifieds, because surely a move is just around the corner, and I won't have time to do it then!  Did you know that at the end of every fall, I promise myself  'this will be the last winter you'll have to get through the smog and cold and grey!'  Next year - it's TEXAS warmth!  Did you know for the last 5 years, I've told myself every single year that this summer will be the summer I can finally quit teaching piano and be a mom.

I'm starting to think I'll quit teaching piano (never) and be a mom just when there are no kids to be a mom to anymore.


I'm losing my only really good friend soon.

So yeah.  There's that again.

Don't leave me Colby.

April 16, 2014


First off, I just want to thank those of you who gave me just the shot in the arm I needed yesterday.  I'm glad there is someone (someones) out there who enjoy this blog - for what it's worth.  Sometimes I feel like there's just nothing I have to say, but then, I wake up the next day, and my mind is filled to overflowing, like it is today, and I remember it's kinda therapeutic for me to just brain dump here.  So thanks for the encouragement.
So, yesterday, we sold our Burb (Suburban).  Oh how happy I was to watch that sucker drive away.  Well, sad and happy.  We've driven that old girl for 8 years now.  We bought it just a few months after we moved back to UT from TX and we've put 100,000 miles on it in the meantime.  Wow.  My son went from a 12 year old in the back seat to a 20 year old driver of it, and it has served us well on many family vacations.  It was hard to see it go because of that, but not so hard when I realize that
A) we don't need a big family car anymore (sniff, sniff) and
B) man, that thing was getting to be quite the junker! IE:
 ...so PHEW to the whole selling it thing, you know?  Also, yay to paying our taxes on time without penalties!  (BLOODSUCKING GOVERNMENT!)

And now on to the next story:

We are officially two for two on having a Senior move out on us.  Only this time, Aunt Mindy wasn't there to save the day.  UGH!  Where are you when I need you CINDY LOU???  Instead, Ash chose nana and papa's house, since living here under our 'strict rules' (you know...like no texting and driving, and keep your grades up kinda stuff) was putting her into a 'deep depression'.  *sigh*  Thank goodness for family when you have a Senior in the house, I always say.  I guess it's true - it really does take a village.

But anyway - she was gone for a few days, and then moved back home to, according to her, face the realities of life, and now she's back to working, finishing up her Senior year, and following our strict rules.  :) Boy oh boy, I love the Senior Year. *sarcasm*

Speaking of senior year:  I'm pretty sure I missed posting those amazing pics from our quick trip down south.  Here are some of my favorites:
That Ash.  She's a photogenic one.  And it was SOOOOO worth the drive to get those blossoms. 

Well, I'm guessing that's about enough catch up for now.  I'll see you tomorrow.

April 14, 2014


I know it's been a while since I've been a consistent you-can-count-on-me kinda blogging girl.  I'm not gonna lie - I think about it a lot - but I have to say, I wonder what the point is sometimes.  Why blog?  Who really cares?  I mean, it's a fun idea that somehow I'm leaving a footprint of my life here, but let's get real - nobody reads this anyway.

So I don't know.

I just don't know.

April 7, 2014


This morning was day one of my girls' spring break.  We woke up late, snuggled down in the blankets on our beds, and straight away I jumped into the shower.  I am bound and determined to make the most of this break, and I didn't want to waste a minute getting started.  

Mart had taken two days off from work, just in case we could afford to go away somewhere (we couldn't) so he was right there beside me, ready to play.  Of course, responsible Mart had gotten up earlier than me to get a couple hours of study time in, and when I woke up, he told me how he and Josh had been messaging each other about how to set up 'blah blah blah blahs' and how to copy 'blah blah blahs' (this is where I stopped listening/understanding what he was saying), but I still got a smile on my face when I heard that Josh and Mart were doing their man-bonding.  Ooo ooo ooo, right?

After the shower, we joined the girls downstairs who were getting ready for a bike ride/picnic.  They had plans with friends to meet at the school and play in the playground, then, enjoy a homemade picnic.  So, Mart and I headed out for a romantic brunch at our favorite local Thai place.  On our way home, we stopped at the store to pick up cookie supplies, then got home and chatted with our little next door neighbor widow about her tree, and helped her prune some branches while Cass got ready for her tumbling.

Then, the three of us piled in the car to get to tumbling, and during the 1/2 hour drive, we talked and laughed.  After dropping Cass off, Mart and I hurried to a nearby nursery (anyone who knows me, right?) to pick up some tree medicine, then hurried back to catch the last half of Cassie's class, and (fingers crossed) see her finally get down that round-off/back handspring.  She did it and we were both there to fist pump in the air when she looked over to us.  
When we got to our street, we noticed the 'gang' outside playing - there had to be like 20 kids out there.  The sun was out, the sky was blue.  Other than the occasional breeziness, it was perfect weather, and as soon as Cass stepped out of the car, she was off to join them in their Capture the Flag game.  Ani and her friend were right behind her, and soon, the whole street was running back and forth from side to side, teamed up, and searching for flags.  Mart and I enjoyed the moment on the rocking chairs, shading our eyes from the sun, but not avoiding a little pink cheekedness.

Finally, we came inside, ate some leftover pizza dinner, and started our final act of the day...cookie making.  There's a big cookie decorating plan for the gang tomorrow, and we wanted to be ready.  So we made up our cookies and frosting tonight - all of us in there together, talking and laughing, and sneaking bites, and picking out the 'reject' cookies that we could eat right now.

At the end of all that, the girls headed off to bed, as Mart and I cleaned up the kitchen together, and enjoyed recapping the day.  And now, here we sit, watching Dancing with the Stars, with cookies in hand, and I can't help but think, 

It was pretty much, the perfect day.

April 6, 2014


Last night, we made pizza.
It was really good.
The End.

March 28, 2014


Thursdays are one of the two days a week that I actually get to be a mom instead of a piano teacher.  And this year, on Thursdays, Cassie and I leave at 4:30 and get home at 8:30.  We go to ballet from 5-6, and gymnastics from 7-8.  Since it's a waste of time to drive the 30 miles home in between the two classes, we just spend that hour in between having a special mom/daughter dinner each week at a restaurant of her choice (usually Chick-Fil-A).  It's special time, and I don't take it for granted. 

Lately, Cass has really been trying to master her back handsprings at gymnastics.  When we go to gym, she runs in and gets right to work tumbling on the mats.  I go upstairs to the 'parent' area and watch from above.  I stand at the rail and watch everything.  I watch how her teacher demonstrates how to do things, then I watch to see if Cass is getting it right.  Sometimes, if I notice she's stepping on the wrong foot, I'll call down to her and remind her "Other foot, other foot" and then, when she gets it right, she looks up at me with a big smile on her face.  When she's in line waiting for her turn with the teacher, and looks up at me, I'll point at the big girls flipping and twirling on the beam and floor, and I'll say to her quietly - that's gonna be you!!  And she'll grin.  When she finally mastered that handspring today, not only did she know it, but I did too - and I silent clapped and thumb-upped her when she looked up at me.  And I got a little tear in my eye because I got to be there for that moment of her life and live it with her.

When Cass' class was over, I walked to the car with her, and after telling her how she rocked it today, and how excited I was that she mastered that back handspring, I reminded her that her teacher wanted her to do the tick tocks on the right foot, then, come back down on the left.  She said, Oh yeah!  As she climbed into the car and buckled up her seatbelt. 

I bet she masters that one next week.  And when she does, I'll be there clapping in the stands.

March 27, 2014


Every Monday, I teach piano to these two cute little kids who live down the street from us.  On Mondays, their mom is hurrying home from her college classes, so we've worked it out that I teach them during that time.  It's a win-win.  I get to teach, Cass gets to play with the sibling downstairs while I teach, and my neighbor doesn't have to find alternative people to watch her kids while she's on her way home.

One Monday a few hours after they left, I heard the doorbell ring.  I went to the door and this was on the doorstep.
About 15 minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and there stood this little boy I teach, and his dad.  The boy looked like a puppy who'd been scolded.  His eyes were down, his hands were in his pockets.  They came in and explained to us that he'd made a little mistake today when he'd forgotten that it's wrong to steal and had pocketed one of Cassie's marbles.  His dad explained that he had needed to bring it back to us, and tell us he was sorry, but that he'd been too embarrassed to do it - thus the note and doorbell ditching episode.

Watching him stand there, looking so embarrassed and sad, my heart went out to this little boy.  I remembered back to when I was about 9 years old, and had been in Sunday School one Sunday.  I remember being particularly disruptive while the teacher was trying his best to teach us the lesson he'd prepared for us.  Being a young kid, I didn't realize how rude I was being, or how much it was affecting the teacher - not, that is - until the teacher finally set the chalk down on the chalkboard, and walked out of the classroom.  That evening, my dad had sat down with me and had told me all about how hard this teacher had worked to prepare something that would help us.  He explained how the teacher hadn't done it for himself - but for our personal growth.  He had done it because he cared about us.  And instead of being grateful, we'd been rude and disruptive and had driven him right out of the classroom.  I felt so ashamed.  My dad then loaded me up in the car and drove me to the teachers house, where I stood on his front porch, just like this little boy was now standing on mine, my head bowed, my face red, and apologized.

In life, there are moments that we, as parents, are given an opportunity to really teach our children.  If we take those moments and do right by them, they are lessons that will last a lifetime with our kids.  And watching this little boy doing the right thing, hard as it may be for him, I felt such a sweet gratitude for him, but even more for the man standing next to him.  This man, I thought to myself, is raising his kids right.  He loves his son, and he wants his son to grow into a good man.  And because of moments like this - he will.

It was another of those moments for me when you realize, now with an adult perspective, all that your parents did for you as a child that, at the time, you just didn't understand.  Here was this boy, so much like I was, being made to apologize, but not by himself.  His dad stood with him.

We told the boy how glad we were that he'd returned it and that all was forgiven.  We thanked him for having the courage to come by.   And it was over for him.

But as I watched them walk back home, his dad's arm draped across his shoulders, I noticed how he stood a little taller, and I thought to myself...now there goes a lucky kid.

March 26, 2014


Today, Josh leaves us again.  He's headed to his new job in St. Louis.  He'll be riding his motorcycle again, and we'll be holding our breath that he makes it one piece again.  It's been fun having him home, and I'll miss him.  
I'll miss his conversation.  Josh makes the best conversation.  He's always got interesting things to say and when he says them, you listen, because he picks and chooses when to talk.  His information is always reliable.  He does his homework people.  So I can trust him when he tells me how few minutes the fastest marathon runner used, or how many feet long a certain river is, or how much money was spent on sending a satellite up into space.  You know...all that interesting stuff. 

I'll miss his bossiness.  You might think this is weird, but somehow, his bossy nature with his sister shows how much he loves and cares about them.  He only bosses them when it's something to do with their future welfare (grades, how they eat, their job choices, boys, etc), and it's cute that he cares, plus it helps to have someone on my side if I'm trying to convince them of something.  He's finally gained some perspective and agrees with us most of the time.

I'll miss his language.  Josh speaks my language.  I can ask Mart a question about the certifications, and he'll answer me.  If I ask Josh the same question, he answers too, but this time, I get it.  Something in the way we communicate - I don't know what it is - a mother/son thing???  One way or another, Josh's language makes sense to me, and helps me have a clearer understanding of things.  I feel like my interpreter is leaving me.

I'll miss his friends.  Josh makes really funny friends, because he's funny.  When they're over, it's a good time.  They're welcoming to us, and warm.  They're respectful and kind, but man, they're funny.

I'll miss his sense of humor.  Nobody can, or has ever been able to, make me laugh like Josh can.  He's got such a quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor, and (imagine that!) I get it.  He makes me laugh so hard.  Like this little goody that he left on the counter when he was going mountain climbing and we asked him to leave a map so we'd know where we went if he never came home.  This is what he left.
Good thing he came home.  

That Josh.  I'm gonna miss him.

March 25, 2014


March 20th came and left without leaving any signs of spring.  But I know she's out there.  That feeling is in the air.  Outside, you get chilled by the slight breeze, but when you're sitting in your car, the sunlight streaming through the windshield feels like it's baking your pale winter skin.  And it feels good, that baking.  
A few days ago, this happened:
The kids came out from hiding in their houses, their noses pressed up against frosty double paned windows, their chins in their hands, watching patiently for the weather to change and pardon them from their winter confine.  Cassie ran from the house, grabbing her bike from the garage, and I plopped down in the rocking chair to enjoy the sights and sounds of the kids playing.  As I sat there, I stripped off my sweatshirt, tipped my face up to the sky, and begged the sunlight to paint that faint pink glow of life on my cheeks.  And she did. It was the last sign I needed to know spring is just waiting - right around the corner.  Waiting for the right moment to surprise us with the chirping sounds of birds, and the bright pink blossoms on the cherry tree.  They're thinking about it..those blossom buds.  And they're getting ready.

And so am I.

March 24, 2014


You know what?  Life as a mom can get pretty dreary and discouraging some days.  Heck forget that...life in GENERAL can get pretty dreary and discouraging some days.  There've been some days lately around here where I've been asking myself those big questions -you know the ones- like: What am I doing all this for? What good is coming of it all?  What is the point???? 

I guess that's why when I woke up one day and came downstairs to find this little diddy waiting for me, it meant so much.  I mean - so. much. and I just wanted to get my camera and record it on film so it would last for, like, ever.
 I just don't know what I'll do when I don't have a little one around anymore to give me these little paydays.

March 21, 2014


Out here in Eagle Mountain, most houses are in new developments - and by new, I mean, within the last ten years.  There aren't a lot of trees to speak of - not big ones.  Sad, I know - but there is one silver lining to this and leave it to me to find it - I mean, come on - I'm known for my POSITIVE ATTITUDE! (and if you can't detect the sarcasm there, well, I don't know.)  Anyway - back to what I was saying.  The silver lining is that the birds spend lots of time on the rooftops instead of hiding away in trees, and we can see 'em!  So....after that loooooong intro, I'll just be the first to say that I'm probably pretty nerdy for this, but lately, bird watching has become a fave of mine.  Maybe it's because I've seen no life outside for like, 6 months now. I don't know.  But something about the fluttering and flapping of their wings, and watching them do their business, it's entertaining for me.  The other day, they were playing in the snow on the houses nearby.  I mean, PLAYING in the snow.  How cute is that! 
I love the one at the peak of the house, looking down at the other two - like, tsk tsk...children.
I mean, look at the footprints!
My favorite....by far.
Come again soon little birdies.

March 20, 2014


Listen.  Winter here is almost over.  I'm pretty sure we got our final taste of it today. (fingers crossed).  I know I should probably be all focused on the spring that's (literally) 2 days away, and believe me - you'll get your fill of flowers posts soon enough, but I just had to spend one more day documenting the beauty of the winter here in Utah.  Every once-in-a-while, Utah can really prove it's worth when it comes to a beautiful winter day.  And this day, well, it was one of them.
I love it when the snow sticks to each individual branch. 
It's as if everything is outlined in furry white.
Did you know my beautiful Pin Oak holds her leaves until just before the spring arrives?
It's because she has a line of the evergreen in her DNA, and she, like any evergreen,
holds on to her leaves, waiting for the spring ground to come,
so she can drop them and feed herself first thing in Spring.
I love my Pin Oak.
PS - She just dropped her leaves yesterday.  I guess it's that time.
 Wake up little bees.  It's almost time.  The flowers are almost here. 
Time to get busy.

March 19, 2014


 This is pretty much what our house looks like every night lately.  Mart has been studying so hard to pass his 4th (of seven) tests.  This (we've heard) is the worst test - the hump, and if he can just get past this one, I'm hoping the rest of them will be easier (and hopefully much faster!) so we can be DONE baby.  DONE.  Personally, I am SICK of not having my husband to play with anymore.  He comes home from work, he eats dinner, and he studies.  This week he's stepped it up from his usual 2-1/2 hours/night to 5-6 hours/night.  YUCK.  I miss him.  I hope it will be worth it in the end.

March 18, 2014


One of the days we were at Disney, we took a hiatus around lunchtime and walked back to the hotel, where some of us napped, and others of us swam.  We all ate a big lunch, and headed back over later in the day.  Because we'd had that little break, we were raring to go for the all night dealy.  We saw the parade, we saw the fireworks, we ran to the Indiana Jones ride and did it one last time before everything shut down.  Last but not least, we slowly walked toward the exit (along with everyone else and their dog).   About the time we got to Main Street, it was getting so crowded we literally couldn't get through anyone and it was making me claustrophobic, so I suggested we just sit down on a bench and wait until the crowd dispersed a little.  We sat and watched as the thickness of the crowd started to thin out and soon instead of a steady stream, it was patches of people, then, just a few groups, then single couples.  As we watched, we started wondering what it would be like to be the LAST PEOPLE in Disneyland.  This is probably not a big unique thing - people probably do this all the time - but for us it was a fun idea, so we went for it.  We waited and waited for the other couple across from us to finally stand up from their bench and leave.  We waited until we saw the workers coming out of the areas and heading down main street.  When we were sure we were the only ones left (besides the workers) we finally started walking down Main Street toward the exit.  At one point, I turned around and saw that awesome castle - without anyone blocking the view - and that's when this goodness happened.
I snapped a picture of that beautiful castle in all it's glory.  And that's when we got the idea to have Ash jump up and click her heels right in front of it. 
This was the first attempt.  Then, Ani tried it.
That's when I realized my settings were off, and changed them.
Obviously, I know how to work my camera so well, right?  I kept messing and messing with the settings - hoping to get one that would capture the image quick, but with light....and finally it happened.  Sadly, it wasn't until the workers had started gathering to let us know, um.....the park is closed people.  So, there they stood in the background of my perfect picture.  :( 
Still.  This moment at Disneyland was my favorite because we were all laughing so hard, and just enjoying the moment.  Taking full advantage of it.  We had the park all to ourselves and we just ended up playing and talking and laughing.  It was for sure "Magic".

March 17, 2014


 I'd say it went well, wouldn't you?

March 13, 2014

IT'S 10:15 PM

No better time for a fashion show, I always say. 

It's time for Senior Pictures.  This is my second kid.  You'd think by now, I would have figured out that Spring does not come early enough in Northern Utah to take outdoor Senior pictures in pretty weather in time for the graduation announcements to go out.  But I didn't, and I have found myself once again in a pickle.  A kid who is graduating and needs their pics done, but not springlike weather in which to take the pictures.  Hmmm - it's a predicament.

So, off to St. George we go.  We scheduled a photographer down there a month ago.  She assured us she'd let us know when the peach trees got their blossoms.  They have a five day bloom - so it's a five day window for us, and we got the call on Tuesday.

Thus, the fashion show tonight.  And suddenly, I'm feeling panic since everything she's wearing down the stairs is just wrong wrong wrong!  I figured she'd for sure have what she needs in her closet, but I forget - picture clothing is different.  Solid colors, no patterns, dark colors, neutrals, etc etc etc. ...all those rules. 

And tomorrow, a day of driving as we head to St. George, snap an hour's worth of pictures, and head back home. 

Is this what they call first world problems?


Have you ever been on Disney's latest ride, CARS? We had heard lots about this ride before we visited Disney again, but I had no idea what I was in for.  Just check out the backdrop for this ride!  I mean, Disney is known for it's detail - but hello!  This amazing scenery (that's all made up) was hard to believe. 
We stood in line, waiting to try out this super amazing fun ride for the first time, and I swear, standing in line can almost be fun when it looks like this!
(That's my man holding my frozen lemonade for me - oh yeah - and my kid's cute converse feet in the background.  Man I love those guys)  So we finally made it to the front of the line and went on the ride, and wow - this has to be my favorite ride EVER at Disney.  I loved it so much that on the last day at Disney, the girls finally set off on their own to do their own thing, and Mart and I spent the last three hours at the park in that line - just getting on and off that ride the whole night and chit-chatting in line, and laughing and talking.  It was such a fun night.
Not gonna lie.  As much as I adore my kids, I love love love to spend time with my Mart - just the two of us.  It's so fun to be together and just laugh and have no distractions.  After we rode the ride like 1100 times, we finally decided to do something else, and went off to find an ice cream shop, then we found an empty bench by the lake and watched the people ride rides while we eat our ice cream.  It was my favorite night at Disney.  Of course, after we finished the ice cream, I wanted to go back and do the cars ride again.   ;)
I just can't get over that scenery!  Go Disney!

March 12, 2014


Do you ever have one of those moments where you capture your kids, or a glimpse of life as you know it now, and you realize that it's fleeting?  It isn't going to last - so you better permanently imprint that moment of time into your mind?  
I'm watching my little ducklings leaving home, and it's not without it's moments of pause, it's moments of reflection.  I don't take for granted any evenings spent together anymore.  I revel in the laughter we share.  I love it when my kids are all together - all four of them, and we have time to laugh and listen to each other.  I wonder how long it will be before we are all together again.  Josh is leaving in two weeks, Ash will leave soon after - sometime this summer, before Josh is around again.  I don't know when the next time is that we'll be all together - maybe the holidays?  Whenever it may be, I'm taking stock in the time we have and appreciating what's left of it.

March 11, 2014


....he got the job.

This is big, people.  BIG.