November 24, 2013


Ensemble Festival was interesting this year.
If you perform, you have to expect that at some point in your life,
there will be one (if not more) catastrophic mess-up performance.
This was Ani's and Audrey's year. 
poor girls.

They started performing their duo
(The Swan)
and in the middle of the piece,
Audrey's music stand (on the piano) fell - 
and the music dropped into the piano.
It was quite the sight.
I've always counseled my students that during an Ensemble piece
if you make a mistake, or lose your spot,
you just KEEP GOING.
No matter what - 
so that you aren't left questioning - what's my partner doing?
Everyone knows to just continue on.
So that's exactly what Ani did,
while poor Audrey tried to remedy her situation.
She tried to play it memorized .
No luck.
She tried to stand up and read the music inside the piano,
all while she kept trying to play standing up.
No luck.
She took time to reach in and grab it and stand it back up,
all while Ani kept on playing her part.
No luck.
The stand fell again a few seconds later.
after sweating and stressing and having a horrible experience,
the judge stopped the performance
and asked them to begin again.
Oh. My. Gosh.
Like 5 minutes too late judge!  
So, their second attempt sure wasn't their best performance ever.
They were both really shook up - 
but considering what they'd just gone through, 
I have to give these girls props.
They are amazing.
 And I was super proud of their resilience through all of that.

 (The Swan by  Saint-Saen arr by Anderson and Roe)

(Scarlet Cape)

Great job Aniston!!

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  1. Wow! I am super impressed! I so wish I could play even 1/100th that well. Once upon a time I could play somewhat decent - but other than goofing off here and there I can't play more than one handed! (and then only if it isn't too complicated)