May 6, 2014


Ashley is three weeks away from her graduation. 
 (Ash after the Color Festival)
 Unlike Josh, Ash is not a plan-prepare-worry-decide-on-a-path-and-make-it-happen type personality.  She's more stop-and-smell-the-flowers-enjoy-the-moment-let-life-lead-you kinda gal.  And so, now that she's coming to the end of this phase of her life, - and really, the only phase she's ever really known - she's a little bit lost.

While I'm an advocate of education, I'm not gonna lie that Josh's experience with it has left a bad taste in my mouth and has left him in thousands of dollars of debt with no degree (awesome).  So....knowing Ash and her personality, I'm thinking it might be better for her to take a minute and be sure of what she wants to do before she heads off to college and starts racking up that debt!  So last year, when we started talking about what her options are, we suggested maybe nannying for a year.  That way, she was still living in someone's home (who was paying the rent/utilities), but was making/hopefully saving money and was able to get out of UT and experience life somewhere else.  But she gave that an attempt, and it hasn't really panned out, so at this point, she's feeling a little lost. 

She's ending a phase of her life, and is ready for some kind of change, but knows she's not ready to manage that by herself yet.  I can see that at moments, she feels frustrated about this, and I keep reminding her that she has plenty of time to figure her life out.  She just needs to relax and take things one day at a time, and before long, she'll find her new path. 

Still, Ash is ready for some change in her life.  So last week, she decided she'd had it with her long hair.  If she can't change her life situation right now, she can dang well change her hair!  And change it she did.
It's the first step towards the new phase Ash is heading into
and personally I think it's a pretty good one.

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