May 12, 2014


Last month, during Spring Break, my friend Colby, (you know...the one who's moving away in just a week *sniff sniff) planned a fun cookie decorating party for the neighborhood gang.  So the night before the party, Cass and I could be found in the kitchen baking sugar cookies up.  I love baking with my Cass. I am such a better parent to my last child than I was to my first.  I remember when I baked with Josh it was a bunch of no-don't-touch-that's and be-careful-not-to-spill's, and now it's more like, Sure thing Cass!  
 And you betcha - why not add more flour?  I kind of just let her do whatever, and take pictures the whole time.  Ha.  Poor Josh.  I just love watching her little hands work the dough,
 and the knees of her pants covered in flour. 
It's just the best.

We were in the process of rolling out and cutting the dough into cookies (mittens in April of course!), when Mart arrived home from work.  He's one of those special kind of dads/husbands - you know - the ones who see stuff going on, and just jump right in to help.  I feel kinda lucky about that and I think Cass does too because she gets even more excited when Daddy is there to throw flour on.  
Good thing he's such a good sport. 
As usual, we baked up way too many cookies, so we enjoyed eating bunches of them before the party even began the next day.  I won't lie - I didn't mind it.

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  1. Ain't that the truth? I am a totally different mom with my last ones. I feel bad my first ones missed out on a "better mom". Looks like you guys had fun!